NEU:  To cool off on hot summerdays or other other special moments in your life we are delighted to offer you an exquisite fan with Alfos Walde most favorite Motiives called "EROTISISM".

Furthermore we are happy to present a collection of acessoires, that would defintely have been used by the painter Alfons Walde himself!

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Product no.: AC01

High-quality fan made of pear wood with printed fabric,

 Motif: Eroticism

19,68 x 10,63 ´ inches (open). 

49.00 *
Product no.: AC02

A selection form Alfons Walde´s private and exklusif collection of Schellack records.


26.00 *
Product no.: AC03

Pencil in natural wood with Walde´s Signature (in red)


2.00 *
Product no.: AC04

Painting set in canvas with Walde´s Signature (in black)

Content: Colored pencils in blue darkblue, green, yellow, orange and purple plus eraser, and sharpener.

Size: 7,48 x 7,48 x 0,31 ´ inches

24.00 *
Product no.: AC05

Notebook in greenish linen 

Notebook in linen with Walde´s Signature and picture on each side:


The Ascent


Size: A5 / 5,82´ x 8,26 ´ inches 

Inside unlined pages

38.00 *
Product no.: AC06

Notebook in beige linen 

Notebook in linen with Walde´s Signature and picture on each side:


Tyrolian Mountain Village / Church of Aurach


Size: A6 / 4,13´ x 5,82 ´ inches 

Inside unlined pages

34.00 *
Product no.: AC07

Bookmark with Walde Motifs on each side


Back nude

Advertising artprint for the "Skischule Kitzbühel"

Size: 0,78´x 1,96 ´ inches 


6.00 *
Product no.: AC08

Pocket bottle with Walde´s signature and skiers silhouette

Material: stainless steel with printed cork coating 

Size: 3,74 x 4,29 x 0,98 ´ inches

Content: 170 ml

32.00 *
Product no.: AC09

Drinkingbottle with Walde´s signature and skiers silhouette

Content: 0,5 Liters

Material: stainless steel with screw cap made stainless stell and bamboo.

Size: 8,66 x 2,79 diameter in inches

Weight: 9,87 ounzes

35.00 *
Product no.: AC10

Cigarette case with Motif and Walde signature

Motif: The Turn (Kristiania)

Material: metal, stainless.

Size: 3,74 x 3,14 x 0,67 ´ inches

20.00 *
Product no.: AC11

Original Zippo lighter in Walde design: Walde-Signatur und Skiers Silhouette

Weight: 2,18 ounzes


45.00 *
Product no.: AC12

Shopping-bag made of high-quality cotton with Walde Motif (black- white)

Motif: Snowplow

Size: 14,96 x 15,74 x 0,78 ´ inches

12.00 *
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